Colorado Trust Seeks Applications for Health Equity Learning Series

The Colorado Trust is dedicated to advancing the health and well-being of the people of Colorado. Through its grantmaking, the trust supports local and statewide efforts to advance health equity opportunities for Coloradans.

To advance this mission, the trust is accepting applications from organizations for its two-track 2018-19 Health Equity Learning Series (HELS).

Track 1: Traditional HELS: The main emphasis of the Traditional HELS track is a series of four health equity talks given by health equity, health field, and/or community experts. Each speaker will give a talk to a live audience in Denver that will be video-recorded and then shown as part of facilitated workshop events in grantee communities in the months following the live talk.

HELS speakers must be experts in their fields, direct their talks toward a broad audience, and present content related to equity issues (including sexual orientation, disability, gender and gender identity, race, class, immigration, religion, etc.) that may or may not be familiar to the community members attending facilitated workshop events. Facilitators will provide additional context and activities to help participants engage with speakers’ talks.

This track aims to provide new perspectives about social determinants of health, their relationship to issues of equity more broadly, and solutions to advance equity in communities; create a forum through which participants can learn and discuss these issues with other community members and the help of a trained facilitator; and encourage participants to act on what they learn from the series.

Program grants of up to $10,500 will be awarded to cover the screening of all four events, including the cost of appropriate and accessible meeting space, food and beverages, child care when needed, quality interpretation, and marketing the events in the community. Community events must be three hours long to ensure time for rich and thoughtful dialogue, context-based workshop activities, and screening the event video.

Track 2: Community Leaders in Health Equity: The Community Leaders in Health Equity (CLHE) track is comprised of both the Traditional HELS speaker series and an eighteen-month intensive equity and health equity curriculum for twelve participants per region, recruited and supported by grantee organizations.

This track aims to achieve the goals listed above for Traditional HELS, as well as use the lens of health equity to support the growth of a group of individuals with strong ties in the community and an existing interest in equity, to gain a deeper, meaningful analysis of power, privilege, and oppression as it relates to their communities and themselves; and to train the group of leaders to be able to better apply and act on this knowledge to support and implement health equity changes in their communities.

Program grants of up to $58,500 will be awarded to cover the expenses related to the four speaker events and twelve CLHE participants.

To be eligible for either track, applicants must be nonprofit organizations that are exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or government and public agencies.

See the Colorado Trust website for complete program guidelines, a pre-recorded informational webinar, and application instructions.

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