Carnegie, MacArthur Awards $4.4 Million for Nuclear Security

Carnegie, MacArthur Awards $4.4 Million for Nuclear Security

The Carnegie Corporation of New York and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation have announced eleven grants totaling $4.4 million to organizations working to reduce nuclear risk.

Grant recipients include the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, which was awarded $492,000 in support of the Fissile Materials Working Group, a worldwide network of civil society organizations that works to educate congressional leaders, media, and the public about nuclear security, including the prevalence of weapons-grade materials; Fundação Getúlio Vargas, which will receive $400,000 for an extensive study of Brazil's nuclear governance that will contribute to the domestic debate in that country on the future of the Brazilian nuclear enterprise; the Hudson Institute, which was awarded $500,000 in support of its efforts to forge bipartisan political consensus on U.S. policies aimed at preventing terrorists from acquiring nuclear materials; and the Partnership for a Secure America, which will receive $200,000 in support of its work with the Arms Control Association to engage with members of Congress and their staff about the importance of safeguarding and eliminating nuclear weapons-usable material.

"We sought out projects that could help reduce nuclear risk by demonstrating new approaches to existing problems, forging new and important collaborations, and producing ideas that governments and industry could act on," said Emma Belcher, director of MacArthur's Nuclear Challenges program. "This innovative group of grantees represents those goals, and we look forward to seeing the impact of their work on this critical issue."

For a complete list of grantees, see the Carnegie Corporation of New York website.

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