Microloan Officer/Counselor

Washington Heights and Inwood Development Corporation | New York, New York


WHIDC is a long established community development organization that provides assistance to micro businesses in all of Upper Manhattan and the Western Bronx.  We make direct loans to micro-businesses in amounts up to $50,000.  

Job Summary

Assists people looking to start, maintain or expand a micro-business (defined as having fewer than 5 employees and annual gross sales of under $1,000,000) in our community with feedback, business assessment, and referrals.  Secures legal assistance through our law student interns as well as pro bono lawyers with regards to business formation, agreements, lease reviews and other non-litigational assistance.  Works with clients seeking loans to develop their loan application including realistic cash flow projections and assessment of their character rather than reliance on credit reports as a true indication of credit worthiness.

Reports To

Executive Director


  • Under the direction of the WHIDC Executive Director, and with the assistance of other staff, provide one-on-one business counseling and mentoring to local entrepreneurs and business operators in order to assist them secure the business development assistance and capital they need to be successful. Provide follow-up assistance to loan recipients to insure their business is successful...and our loan is repaid.
  • Provides callers, visitors, clients and interested individuals with program information conducts intake activities, answers questions regarding this and other WHIDC programs.  Works with existing and would-be business owners to determine what problems or barriers exist for their specific business and develop a strategy to overcome them. Assists in the preparation of simple and realistic financial projections, including income and expense estimates, cash flow projections, and identification of assets and liabilities. Critiques client business plans.
  • Works with BO$$ loan applicants to prepare and improve their loan and/or grant application, including cash flow projections, market assessment and preparation of applicant credit memos for our loan committee's review. Maintains client liaison and data management functions for the BO$$ program.  Visits program participants, loan applicants and loan recipients at their business location to verify information, check on progress and offer technical assistance and referral services.  Assist clients with submission of M/WBE certifications.
  • Conducts extensive outreach efforts to secure program participants. Schedules appointments for participants with technical assistance, financial, educational, and other program service vendors.
  •  Provides all services in Spanish and English to insure clients have a full understanding of their loan application and the requirements of operating a successful business in New York.  Assists in the development, translation and reproduction of program materials.
  • Identifies resources for local small businesses, including additional public and private sector sources of capital, management education, professional services, and emergency assistance.  Directly assists local entrepreneurs with problems related to taxes, city services, space needs, etc.  Advises businesses on the availability of loans as well as the basic criteria used to determine credit worthiness.
  • May be called upon to attend evening or weekend meetings related to program services and community outreach


  • H.S. Diploma (college preferred)
  • Bilingual (English and total fluency in Spanish)
  • Certificate or degree in Business Administration or Accounting or experience as an owner or operator of a small business, or one year's experience small business lending experience at a bank or other micro-lender/CDFI.
  • Must know Excel, Word, good computer/internet skills
  • Must be bright, aggressive and well organized.




Knowledge of social media utilization is a plus.

How to Apply

Send letter and resume to WHIDC@aol.com

Washington Heights and Inwood Development Corporation


Organization: Nonprofit Organizations