Senior Program Associate, Center on Immigration and Justice

Vera Institute of Justice | Los Angeles, California


The Vera Institute of Justice, founded in 1961, is an independent, non-partisan, nonprofit organization that combines expertise in research, technical assistance, and demonstration projects to assist leaders in government and civil society examine justice policy and practice, and improve the systems people rely on for justice and safety. Vera is an equal opportunity employer with a commitment to diversity in the workplace.

Job Summary

Vera seeks a Senior Program Associate to work within its Center on Immigration and Justice on the National Qualified Representative Program (NQRP) in Los Angeles.

The NQRP is the first program to provide appointed counsel to detained adults in immigration proceedings with serious mental illness. Nationwide in scope, the NQRP operates in partnership with a growing network of over 30 multidisciplinary teams of holistic legal services providers. The NQRP sits at the intersection of immigration, mental health, and criminal law, policy, practice, and program management, and offers work in a fast-paced, collaborative, creative space at the cutting edge of legal representation for a specific vulnerable population in immigration proceedings.


The following are core responsibilities of the position. The examples provided are illustrative and other responsibilities may be added over time.

  • Innovative Problem-Solving: As the first program to provide appointed counsel in immigration proceedings, the NQRP requires innovative, collaborative brainstorming and problem-solving.
  • Onboarding, Training, and Technical Assistance: The NQRP must provide competent, independent, and zealous legal representation. The position is responsible for the creation, facilitation, and management of all onboarding, training, and technical assistance resources required by our multidisciplinary legal services providers to meet this obligation.
  • Program Development: The NQRP is a new program and requires continued development. The position is responsible, for example, for identifying and contracting with outstanding new legal services providers and for drafting Program Guidance Documents explaining program policies to our existing legal services providers.
  • Program Administration: The NQRP provides resources required by our legal services providers (experts, interpreters, investigators, etc.) for zealous representation. The position is responsible, for example, for review and resolution of such funding requests.
  • Data Collection and Analysis: The NQRP collects data for program management. The position requires an understanding of basic program data and collaboration with Vera research staff to assess, create reports on, and improve the Program.
  • Development and Maintenance of Stakeholder Relationships: The success of the NQRP depends on its stakeholders, including its government partner and its legal services providers. The position requires close contact with stakeholders, including regular phone and email contact and travel on site visits.

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